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Karmic Mishap Fucked Up Again!

    May 29 '14
    May 9 '14

    oh tumblr. i am not doing so well these days

    May 9 '14


    Misanthropy is so incredibly boring.

    Feb 24 '14
    Feb 17 '14

    Anonymous asked:

    FYI on the Facebook pronouns. I selected "them" and I now show up on my family's pages as their son/brother. I had my gender censored from them in a custom privacy setting but FB kinda inadvertently outed me. Just in case anyone is in the same boat, passing that along.



    Oh wow. That’s kinda shitty—

    PSA though.

    Ahh, so not only are neutral pronouns getting masculine defaults for relation terms (really, it should be sibling, child, spouse, etc), relation terms aren’t ACLed.

    This raises the question: how would you ACL those relationship terms? I mean, you have to put something there; otherwise that would flag as suspicious. I suppose showing gender-neutral terms as described above for anyone who doesn’t have the ACL is the obvious solution, but even that could be strange. I can just see: “My profile says you’re my ‘child’, now. What’s up with that?”

    Really the ideal seems to be that, for safety, some people shouldn’t know you’ve set a custom gender.

    So the real solution here is to allow a user to set multiple custom genders, each with a separate ACL list. So you can have a public / family view gender, and then a ‘for friends I’m out to’ gender, at a minimum.

    In the meantime, signal boost, because this is going to be non-obvious to a whole lot of people and doesn’t seem to be documented anywhere.

    Jan 26 '14
    Dec 8 '13

    The asexual Mammy and hypersexual Jezebel work together to suppress black women’s own liberated sexual ethics that reflects their perspectives, values, and humanity. Slavery’s stereotypes linking natural black femaleness to sexual promiscuity and black female respectability to sexlessness leave a crippled cultural language for black women to define an alternative sexual ethics.

    There is a significant difference between the Mammy/Jezebel dichotomy and the Madonna/whore dichotomy, which helps to police white women’s sexual behavior. Black sexuality is defined as inherently and essentially immoral; the black female body represents promiscuity. Unlike black women, white women were never defined as animal-like and naturally immoral. Indeed, at the time of African enslavement, Victorian culture treated white women as essentially pure and moral, corruptible but not innately corrupted. Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham observes that the pervasive imagery of black female promiscuity had the effect of ‘ascrib[ing] pathological uniformity onto black women as a group, such that every black woman, regardless of her income, occupation, or education became the embodiment of deviance.’

    Thus, redeeming the black female body has often meant desexualizing it. It is extremely difficult in a culture seeped with these slavery images to imagine a positive black female sexuality because black women’s bodies and behavior are so easily seen as depraved.

    Dorothy Roberts, “The Paradox of Silence and Display: Sexual Violation of Enslaved Women and Contemporary Contradictions in Black Female Sexuality,” in Beyond Slavery: Overcoming Its Religious and Sexual Legacies, 2010.  (via wocinsolidarity)
    Jul 19 '13
    Jul 19 '13

    hey Yahoo!… you fucking suck

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    Jul 15 '13
    Hakim Bellamy - From OJ to Trayvon (Be-Side)



    Blow on Trayvon Martin
    : A Conversation with the New York Times

    (Listen to the audio of me reading it at Soundcloud above the pic.)

    The “boying” of Black men
    Knows no age

    This is ageless
    Been happening for years

    There is no graduation
    From skin color
    Grades won’t get me out

    In prison
    At best
    Straight A’s get “Good Behavior”
    “Good Boy”
    Not a guarantee
    Not justice

    As it should
    In February
    His mother
    Will place
    18 candles on a cake
    That will wax
    Smoking entry wounds
    Down to the plate
    As she celebrates both
    The month he was born
    And the month
    He became Black History

    And he
    Was Black History
    Made history
    Red, white and brown
    Or otherwise

    Like the “boying” of Black Men
    There is no legal age
    Only legal limits
    The right to booze
    Smoke or check a square
    Never made him more a man
    Neither did White neighborhoods
    White shorts
    Or White women

    From O.J. to Trayvon
    Brother Journalist
    Asks America
    If we made progress
    Like O.J. and Trayvon had Anything
    In common

    Born the year
    Of O.J.’s acquittal
    17 years since
    His trial
    And Zimmerman’s lack there of

    Brother Journalist
    Wasn’t pointing out
    How the crimes were different
    He was pointing out
    How we isn’t

    Is this another O.J. moment for America?

    Do we need another poll
    To tell us that
    Being Black in America
    Is different than being white?

    To tell me
    That most Blacks
    Think that George Zimmerman
    Is guilty of a crime

    To tell me that
    We ain’t “boyz”

    To tell me
    That I believe
    That he would have been arrested on the spot
    If he shot a White person

    Ask Plaxico Burress, Gallup Poll!
    A Black person’ll get arrested for shooting they damn self!

    The only time we get polled
    Other than to tell us “We don’t count”
    Is when we get sent to polls
    That don’t count us

    O.J. and Trayvon
    Were as common
    As their single mothers
    Who believed they could work enough jobs
    To love their Black sons
    Away from jail and death

    That’s where the commonalities end.

    Trayvon knew he was different
    The Retreat At Twin Lakes in Sanford
    Didn’t even smell the same color
    As the cocinas in Miami Gardens

    When he visited Dad
    And Dad’s fiancee
    In her gated community
    He stood out
    Like O.J. Simpson
    On a high school football practice field

    Trayvon was different
    He was never a boy
    Playing a man’s game
    He learned he could never
    Outrun his race

    Cause it doesn’t matter
    How fast you can run
    Only how fast you can run … with a ball

    George Zimmerman didn’t need a white Bronco to avoid arrest
    All he needed to walk
    Was his white skin

    Was the boy with the candy
    Given the same presumption of innocence
    As the man with the gun?

    “These guys always get away,” he said
    Before he Stood Trayvon’s Ground
    Stratling the
    Finally quiet
    Teenage body
    Beneath him

    Bloody gloves didn’t get the job done
    So now,
    It’s bloody hoodies

    Use words like “Neighborhood Watch”
    To let us know what time it is

    So I tell my Black son
    “Trayvon’s birthday cake
    Only had a couple more candles than yours.
    Now he’s gone.
    Put out like a fire hazard…

    But remember what he looks like

    And know that he got killed
    For hanging out.”

    And his neighborhood was the noose

    Our country has been strung out on race
    Since the Summer of 1919

    “If he wasn’t guilty, why did O.J. run?”

    “If he’s not guilty, why is Zimmerman A.W.O.L.?”

    Why did Trayvon run if he was innocent?”

    Because that’s what we do
    The price we pay is so high
    We couldn’t afford to sell out
    If we wanted to

    Not even O.J.

    Due process
    And Do Karma
    Are as different as
    O.J. and Trayvon

    America is the same
    As O.J. and George Zimmerman
    Just different colors…

    Gallup Poll
    I want to put George Zimmerman in a box
    Not because he’s dead
    But because he is broken

    I want to return him
    To the America he was made in

    I don’t want a refund
    I want service

    I don’t want corrections
    I want justice

    Because you made
    George Zimmerman, America       
    So only you can fix him

    And there will be less O.J.s
    And there will be less Trayvons
    And we’ll all be different

    But at least
    At Least…

    We’ll all be treated the same.

    Copyright Hakim Bellamy April 11, 2012

    Read the New York Times article “From O.J. to Trayvon” by Charles Blow here.